Our trainers are highly qualified and extremely experienced in the field of Business English. Typically, they have already had hands-on experience in the business and industrial world, and, in search of a new career, have retrained in tutoring English as a foreign language, thus bringing to the table not just their English and social skills, but their experience and knowledge from many different sectors.

Very often our trainers are also experienced language learners, mindful of the challenges of learning and communicating in another language; their aim is to find the best way to guide you through the most complicated linguistic situations, empowering and building your confidence.

In contrast to the stop/start way you have had to acquire English in the past, an immersion will give you the time to really expand your language, trigger your passive knowledge, test out your knowledge of the verb tense system, activate your dormant vocabulary, building your confidence and confirming your competence as you go through the week.

The intensive speaking practice throughout the week will boost your confidence and spontaneity, allowing you to produce detailed explanations of all areas of your job, incorporating newly acquired vocabulary and grammatical structures, as well as practising key communication strategies, such as rephrasing a sentence or reformulating an entire idea.

Our training methods are fun but challenging.  We emphasise the importance of interactivity throughout the course. Adaptability is key, and we take pride in adapting rapidly to a specific profile with demanding requirements and objectives. We understand the importance of confident communication: we encourage you to develop, above all, your speaking skills; through role plays, games and simulations. The more you practice speaking English the more confidence you gain, and, the more mistakes you make the faster you learn.