About us

Our specialism: 

Delivering 1-1 bespoke English immersion courses to business executives in a professional environment, within your timelines and at your own pace.

Our USP:

We believe in providing a range of opportunities in which to practice your English, from business to social.  A minimum of 2 business English teachers will be assigned to you; creating a programme specifically tailored to your profile, English level and objectives. Supported by your host family, carefully selected to correspond to your profile, provides the platform on which to develop your English conversation on a social level in a relaxed atmosphere, conducive to learning. Your immersion is coordinated by your course manager who ensures you flow seamlessly through the stages of your immersion, optimising the given time to the maximum.


Our Commitment:


Since 2002, we have made it our mission to supply unique and effective solutions to fast-track your English for business. With ever-increasing success, we have been devising, perfecting and compacting your tailored immersions into the period of time dictated by your busy schedule and workload.

Our Evolution:

As industry develops, so do we; however, one factor remains constant, communication is key and we take pride in striving to find the right solution for your unique requirements supplying you with the right skills set to tackle your specific needs in English; whilst adapting our methods according to the challenges set by your industry.

Our Approach:

Whether it is face to face lessons, social exchange with your hosts or any other related activity, you will be totally immersed in the language and culture with caring people experienced and conscious of the difficulties of language learning. Our priority is to support you on your language learning experience, encouraging you
to discover new ways to express yourself, activating your passive knowledge, and ultimately extending your capacity and capability to manage any complex linguistic situation you may encounter here or in the
 future. We are all individual with individual needs and objectives, we endeavour to adapt our teaching methods according to your learning style, that is the essence of our one to one immersion courses.


Our Partners:


Over the past 18 years, we have succeeded in maintaining some very longstanding relationships with our partners in France, notably, Promeo, Afpi 8002, Atraduire, The Language Network and many other independent organisations.

Our past, present and often high-profile clients come from a vast range of industrial and business sectors from aeronautical, nuclear energy, automobile, tractors, excavators and trains, pharmaceutical to pet food, banking and insurance to data management and glass manufacturing, table tennis and ball point pens to IoT.

We make it our job to thoroughly understand your business and industry; comprehending the context in which you use English enables us to devise a comprehensive and effective programme, focussing solely on the essential language you need for your specific profile.